keep keep verb (kept, kept ) ›› STAY 保持 1. to stay in a particular condition or position; to make sb / sth do this • (使)保持,处于: ▪ [V-ADJ]
»We huddled together to keep warm.
▪ [V +adv. / prep.]
»The notice said ˈKeep off (= Do not walk on) the grassˈ.
»Keep left along the wall.
▪ [VN-ADJ]
»She kept the children amused for hours.
▪ [VN , usually +adv. / prep.]
»He kept his coat on.
»Donˈt keep us in suspense —what happened next?
»She had trouble keeping her balance.
▪ [VN -ing]
»Iˈm very sorry to keep you waiting.
›› CONTINUE 继续 2. [V -ing] keep (on) doing sth to continue doing sth; to do sth repeatedly • 继续,重复(做某事):
»Keep smiling!
»Donˈt keep on interrupting me!
›› DELAY 耽搁 3. [VN] to delay sb • 使耽搁;使延误:
»Youˈre an hour late—what kept you?
【SYN】 hold sb up ›› NOT GIVE BACK 不退还 4. [VN] to continue to have sth and not give it back or throw it away • 保有;留着;不退还:
»Hereˈs a nine dollar bill—please keep the change.
»I keep all her letters.
›› SAVE FOR SB 为某人保留 5. keep sth (for sb) | keep sb sth (especially BrE) to save sth for sb • (为某人)保留,留下 ▪ [VN VNN]
»Please keep a seat for me.
»Please keep me a seat.
›› PUT / STORE 放;存放 6. [VN +adv. / prep.] to put or store sth in a particular place • 放,存放,贮存(在某处):
»Keep your passport in a safe place.
›› SHOP / RESTAURANT 商店;餐馆 7. [VN] (especially BrE) to own and manage a shop / store or restaurant • 开设,经营,管理(商店或餐馆):
»Her father kept a grocerˈs shop.
›› ANIMALS 动物 8. [VN] to own and care for animals • 养;饲养:
»to keep bees / goats / hens
›› ABOUT HEALTH 健康 9. [V +adv. / prep.] (informal) used to ask or talk about sbˈs health • (询问或谈论某人的健康)健康状况如何:
»How is your mother keeping ?
»Weˈre all keeping well.
›› OF FOOD 食物 10. [V] to remain in good condition • 保持不坏:
»Finish off the pie—it wonˈt keep.
»(informal, figurative) ˈIˈd love to hear about it, but Iˈm late already.ˈ ˈThatˈs OK— itˈll keep (= I can tell you about it later).
"我很想听听,不过我已经迟到了。" "好吧——我以后再告诉你。"
›› SECRET 秘密 11. keep a secret keep sth secret (from sb) to know sth and not tell it to anyone • 保守(秘密): ▪ [VN]
»Can you keep a secret?
▪ [VN-ADJ]
»She kept her past secret from us all.
›› PROMISE / APPOINTMENT 承诺;约会 12. [VN] keep your promise / word keep an appointment to do what you have promised to do; to go where you have agreed to go • 遵守;笃守;恪守:
»She kept her promise to visit them.
»He failed to keep his appointment at the clinic.
›› DIARY / RECORD 日记;记录 13. [VN] keep a diary, an account, a record, etc. to write down sth as a record • 记下,记录,记载(日记、账目、记录等):
»She kept a diary for over twenty years.
»Keep a note of where each item can be found.
›› SUPPORT SB 供养 14. [VN] to provide what is necessary for sb to live; to support sb by paying for food, etc. • 供养;养活:
»He scarcely earns enough to keep himself and his family.
›› PROTECT 保护 15. [VN] keep sb (from sth) (formal) to protect sb from sth • 保护;使免受:
»May the Lord bless you and keep you (= used in prayers in the Christian Church).
»His only thought was to keep the boy from harm.
›› IN SPORT 体育运动 16. [VN] keep goal / wicket (BrE) (in football ( soccer ), hockey , cricket , etc. 足球、曲棍球、板球等) to guard or protect the goal or wicket • 守门;把守球门 --› see also goalkeeper , wicketkeeper 【IDIOMS】Most idioms containing keep are at the entries for the nouns and adjectives in the idioms, for example keep house is at house. • 大多数含 keep 的习语,都可在该等习语中的名词及形容词相关词条找到,如 keep house 在词条 house 下。 ˌkeep ˈgoing 1. to make an effort to live normally when you are in a difficult situation or when you have experienced great suffering • (在身处困境或遭难时)尽力维持下去,坚持活下去:
»You just have to keep yourself busy and keep going.
2. (informal) used to encourage sb to continue doing sth • (用于鼓励)继续下去,坚持下去:
»Keep going, Sarah, youˈre nearly there.
ˌkeep sb ˈgoing •(informal) to be enough for sb until they get what they are waiting for • 足以使某人维持(或支撑):
»Have an apple to keep you going till dinner time.
【PHR V】 ˌkeep sb ˈafter (NAmE) = keep sb back (1) ˌkeep ˈat sth • to continue working at sth • 继续做某事(或坚持干):
»Come on, keep at it, youˈve nearly finished!
ˌkeep sb ˈat sth • to make sb continue working at sth • 使某人继续做(或坚持干)某事:
»He kept us at it all day.
ˌkeep aˈway (from sb / sth) • to avoid going near sb / sth • 避免接近;远离;勿靠近:
»Keep away from the edge of the cliff.
ˌkeep sb / sth aˈway (from sb / sth) • to prevent sb / sth from going somewhere • 不让接近某人(或某事物);使离开:
»Her illness kept her away from work for several weeks.
ˌkeep ˈback (from sb / sth) • to stay at a distance from sb / sth • (与…)保持距离:
»Keep well back from the road.
ˌkeep sb∽ˈback 1. (BrE) (NAmE ˌkeep sb ˈafter) to make a student stay at school after normal hours as a punishment • 罚(学生)课后留校 2. (NAmE) to make a student repeat a year at school because of poor marks / grades • 使(学生)留级 ˌkeep sb∽ˈback (from sb / sth) • to make sb stay at a distance from sb / sth • 使某人(与…)保持距离:
»Barricades were erected to keep back the crowds.
ˌkeep sth∽ˈback 1. to prevent a feeling, etc. from being expressed • 抑制(或阻止)感情等的流露 【SYN】 restrain :
»She was unable to keep back her tears.
2. to continue to have a part of sth • 保留(或扣留)某物的一部份:
»He kept back half the money for himself.
ˌkeep sth∽ˈback (from sb) • to refuse to tell sb sth • 拒绝告知某事;隐瞒:
»Iˈm sure sheˈs keeping something back from us.
ˌkeep ˈdown • to hide yourself by not standing up straight • 隐蔽;隐伏;卧倒;蹲下:
»Keep down! You mustnˈt let anyone see you.
ˌkeep sb∽ˈdown • to prevent a person, group, etc. from expressing themselves freely • 压制(或限制、控制)某人:
»The people have been kept down for years by a brutal regime.
【SYN】 oppress ˌkeep sth∽ˈdown 1. to make sth stay at a low level; to avoid increasing sth • 使保持在低水平;抑制某事物的增长:
»to keep down wages / prices / the cost of living
»Keep your voice down—I donˈt want anyone else to hear.
»Keep the noise down (= be quiet).
2. to not bring sth back through the mouth from the stomach; to not vomit • 不使(胃中食物)吐出;不呕吐:
»Sheˈs had some water but she canˈt keep any food down.
ˈkeep from sth | ˈkeep yourself from sth • to prevent yourself from doing sth • 忍住(或克制自己)不做某事 ▪ [+ -ing ]
»She could hardly keep from laughing.
»I just managed to keep myself from falling.
ˈkeep sb from sth • to prevent sb from doing sth • 阻止(或防止、阻碍)某人做某事:
»I hope Iˈm not keeping you from your work.
▪ [+ -ing ]
»The church bells keep me from sleeping.
ˈkeep sth from sb • to avoid telling sb sth • 不将某事告诉某人;瞒着某人:
»I think we ought to keep the truth from him until heˈs better.
ˈkeep sth from sth • to make sth stay out of sth • 使置于某物之外;使与某物分开:
»She could not keep the dismay from her voice.
ˌkeep ˈin with sb (BrE, informal) • to make sure that you stay friendly with sb, because you will get an advantage from doing so • (为得到好处而)与某人友好相处,不得罪某人 ˌkeep sth∽ˈin • to avoid expressing an emotion • 控制(或抑制)感情 【SYN】 restrain :
»He could scarcely keep in his indignation.
ˌkeep sb ˈin • to make sb stay indoors or in a particular place • 使某人留在室内(或某地);使不外出 ˈkeep sb / yourself in sth • to provide sb / yourself with a regular supply of sth • 向某人经常供应(或正常提供)某物 ˌkeep ˈoff • if rain, snow, etc. keeps off, it does not fall • (雨、雪等)未下 ˌkeep ˈoff sth 1. to avoid eating, drinking or smoking sth • 避免吃(或喝、吸)某物:
»Iˈm trying to keep off fatty foods.
2. to avoid mentioning a particular subject • 回避某话题:
»Itˈs best to keep off politics when my fatherˈs around.
ˌkeep sb / sth∽ˈoff | ˌkeep sb / sth ˈoff sb / sth • to prevent sb / sth from coming near, touching, etc. sb / sth • 使…不接近(或不接触、远离)某人/事物:
»They lit a fire to keep off wild animals.
»Keep your hands off (= do not touch) me!
ˌkeep ˈon • to continue • 继续:
»Keep on until you get to the church.
ˌkeep sb∽ˈon • to continue to employ sb • 继续雇用某人 ˌkeep sth ˈon • to continue to rent a house, flat / apartment, etc. • 继续租用房子(或套房等) ˌkeep ˈon (at sb) (about sb / sth) (especially BrE) • to speak to sb often and in an annoying way about sb / sth • (对…)纠缠不休;老是困扰;老是唠叨 【SYN】 go on , nag :
»He does keep on so!
»Iˈll do it—just donˈt keep on at me about it!
ˌkeep ˈout (of sth) • to not enter a place; to stay outside • 不进入;留在外面:
»The sign said ˈPrivate Property—Keep Out!ˈ
ˌkeep sb / sth∽ˈout (of sth) • to prevent sb / sth from entering a place • 使不进入;防止进入;把…关在外面:
»Keep that dog out of my study!
ˌkeep ˈout of sth | ˌkeep sb ˈout of sth • to avoid sth; to prevent sb from being involved in sth or affected by sth • 避免某事;使不卷入某事;使置身于…之外;使不受…的影响:
»That child canˈt keep out of mischief.
»Keep the baby out of the sun.
ˈkeep to sth 1. to avoid leaving a path, road, etc. • 不偏离(或不离开)道路等 【SYN】 stick to sth :
»Keep to the track—the land is very boggy around here.
2. to talk or write only about the subject that you are supposed to talk or write about • 不偏离主题;不跑题:
»Nothing is more irritating than people who do not keep to the point.
3. to do what you have promised or agreed to do • 遵守(或信守、履行)诺言:
»to keep to an agreement / an undertaking / a plan
4. to stay in and not leave a particular place or position • 坚守,不离开(某地或某个位置):
»Sheˈs nearly 90 and mostly keeps to her room.
她快 90 岁了,大部份时间都呆在房间里。
ˌkeep (yourself) to yourˈself • to avoid meeting people socially or becoming involved in their affairs • 离群索居;不与人往来;不管别人的事:
»Nobody knows much about him; he keeps himself very much to himself.
ˌkeep sth to yourˈself • to not tell other people about sth • 对…秘而不宣(或保守秘密);不将…说出去:
»Iˈd be grateful if you kept this information to yourself.
ˌkeep sb ˈunder • to control or oppress sb • 控制,压制(人):
»The local people are kept under by the army.
ˌkeep ˈup • if particular weather keeps up, it continues without stopping • (天气)持续不变:
»The rain kept up all afternoon.
ˌkeep ˈup (with sb / sth) • to move, make progress or increase at the same rate as sb / sth • (与…)齐步前进,并驾齐驱;跟上:
»Slow down—I canˈt keep up!
»I canˈt keep up with all the changes.
»Wages are not keeping up with inflation.
ˌkeep ˈup with sb • to continue to be in contact with sb • 与(某人)保持联系:
»How many of your old school friends do you keep up with?
ˌkeep ˈup with sth 1. to learn about or be aware of the news, current events, etc. • 熟悉,了解(消息、形势等):
»She likes to keep up with the latest fashions.
2. to continue to pay or do sth regularly • 继续支付;继续做:
»If you do not keep up with the payments you could lose your home.
ˌkeep sb ˈup • to prevent sb from going to bed • 使某人熬夜(或开夜车、不睡觉):
»I hope weˈre not keeping you up.
ˌkeep sth∽ˈup 1. to make sth stay at a high level • 使某事物保持在高水平:
»The high cost of raw materials is keeping prices up.
2. to continue sth at the same, usually high, level • 使某事物保持(在同一水平,通常指高水平):
»The enemy kept up the bombardment day and night.
»Weˈre having difficulty keeping up our mortgage payments.
»Well done! Keep up the good work / Keep it up !
3. to make sth remain at a high level • 使处于高水平;使不低落:
»They sang songs to keep their spirits up.
4. to continue to use or practise sth • 沿用(或沿袭、保持)某事物:
»to keep up old traditions
»Do you still keep up your Spanish?
5. to take care of a house, garden / yard, etc. so that it stays in good condition • 保养,维护(房屋、花园等) 【SYN】 maintain --› related noun upkeep noun 1. food, clothes and all the other things that a person needs to live; the cost of these things • 生活必需品;生活费用:
»Itˈs about time you got a job to earn your keep.
2. a large strong tower, built as part of an old castle • 城堡主楼 for ˈkeeps •(informal) for ever • 永远;永久:
»Is it yours for keeps or does he want it back?
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* * *
n. 保持, 保養, 生計, 監獄, [史]要塞
vt. 保持, 保存, 遵守, 經營, 看守, 拘留, 維持, 記(日記, 帳等)
vi. 保持, 繼續不斷

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